Guilt-Free Low-Carb Bakery


Taste isn't a compromise with us.

Keto Bee is a freshly made-to-order online bakery that offers the most delicious gluten-free, sugar-free, low-carb products with maximum quality and ultimate taste. We prepare our products with fresh organic ingredients, healthy oils, nut flours, and natural sweeteners -safe for diabetics- with lower calories and a lower glycemic index.



A good quality life starts with a healthy body and mind

We are two friends who believe a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be boring and restrictive. We think catching up with a friend over a coffee should be supported with a delicious cookie or birthdays should be enjoyed with an extra creamy birthday cake without feeling guilty afterwards.

We tried all ‘healthy’ pastries and desserts but could not find the quality and taste we were craving. Since then, we worked very hard on creating our own low-carb, sugar-free, and gluten-free desserts which turned into healthy and delicious feasts amongst our dinner parties and afternoon teas. With the suggestion of our entourage, we decided to share the pleasure that we have been having from our foods to your table with the aim that you focus not on the calories but on creating memories. 


coffee cake

Moist and sweet, unapologetically delicious bundt and round keto coffee cakes. 


Smooth and creamy, these cheesecakes are with all good-for-you ingredients to fuel your body.

celebratıon cakes

Gluten-free sugar-free yet absolutely delicious celebration cakes are perfect for special occasions.


Feeling indulgent? choose your own frosting for these moist and fluffy keto cupcakes!


Super healthy low-carb tender and fluffy muffins are just 3g net carbs!

pıes & Tarts

Healthy and deliciously silky pie options are made with the best ingredients that go with a low carb lifestyle. 

All our products are freshly handmade, contain no added sugar or gluten.

gluten-free. grain-free. sugar-free.


We use premium ingredients that actually have flavor so, we don’t swap good taste for healthy options. With Keto Bee, you can have both because the taste isn’t a compromise here. Keto Bee offers a guilt-free lifestyle to anyone, including people who suffer from celiac, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, gluten intolerance, and anyone who avoids gluten and sugar for any reason in their diet.

Our mission at Keto Bee is to provide high-quality and delicious bakery goods with unique benefits designed to help you live your fullest life by cutting carbs, not taste.

Our goal is to make sustainable healthy lifestyle easier and tastier with our products which are all developed to benefit our customers.

Handcrafted with fine ingredients

We delicately source the finest and organic ingredients and bake with a wholesome approach.

Great taste and health

it is our mission to make our products accessible to everyone to enjoy while we keep our promise of making healthy options taste great.

Nutrient-rich desserts

Our nutrient-dense products are free from gluten containing zero artificial ingredients, preservatives and refined sugar. We use natural, healthy fats, anti-inflammatory whole foods, high in probiotic fibre and low in carbs.

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